Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Summer Memories

Summer was filled with many highlights. One of the best parts was spending time with family. Mom and Dad Whiting came for a visit and then drove with us to California for Geoff and Arlene Hymas' wedding in New Port beach.
We loved seeing Mom and Dad so relaxed since their retirement.  We spent hours relaxing by the pool, playing games, exercising, visiting all Mom's siblings, eating frozen yogurt (mom and my favorite) and just being together.
Then we drove to California where we stayed in the hotel Portofino Yacht Club. It  had the most amazing  ocean view.  As soon as we arrived we jumped on bikes they provided for us at the hotel and rode up and back the boardwalk to Manhattan beach. 

We went canoeing in the bay out our hotel. We were able to get so close to the seals,  maybe a little too close thanks to Wade.
We spent a day with the Hymas' family at Newport beach.  I always love being with this family, they are so much fun.  We just relaxed, watched the kids swim in the water, and then had a bombfire on the beach where we cooked dinner.

Geoff and Arlene's wedding reception was held on a Yacht.  Such breath taking views and sunsets surrounded us.  It was a beautiful evening and so fun to catch up with all Wade's cousins and family.
What a memory that we will cherish.  We love you Hymas family and are so happy for Geoff and Arlene in their new life together.  Thanks Mom and Dad for making the trip twice as fun with you there.


marilyn said...

This was so much fun, no fair showing these summer pictures in the winter. Its always so much fun being with you, you teach us how to have fun, sometimes we forget how. Thank goodness our family gets us out of our comfort zone. Love you!!!!!!!!!! mom and dad

Amber said...

It's fun to see your updates! I'm missing you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!