Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Setting Records

The Whiting Brothers are setting records at their school Seminary. Jake decided to be the first freshman to ever complete centurion, (which means knowing all 100 scripture mastery in under 10 minutes.) Most individuals complete this their senior year if ever, but Jake thought it possible and he now has started a trend. He has encouraged his friends along with with his brother to follow suite. I love how motivating he was to his brother and Mitch says that he was the reason he did it. Now freshman think the impossible is now possible because of Jake's record. Mitch has pushed it a little farther and holds the record for the fastest time. I love these pictures that the Seminary took to put on their wall because it shows the satisfaction these brothers have in helping each other reach goals that better themselves and others.
You should be at our house during scriptures study they shout out the verses in unison. Love that healthy competition!!!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Romantic get-a-way~L'Auberge Sedona

We love to take mini-moons whenever we get a chance and this time we decided to re-visit our honeymoon destination.  It was twenty two years ago that we spent our honeymoon at this romantic spot.  It was wonderful to go down memory lane and reminisce about our younger days before children when it was just us and think how our lives, relationship, aspirations and goals have evolved since those days. I loved the relaxing, much needed down time.  We did yoga, ate health food, read, went for a nature hike, and just talked. Things have been so busy with wedding plans that rest and relaxation is exactly what we needed.
Castle Rock was such a beautiful hike. The coral colored rock formations of Sedona are so spectacular.

A highlight of our trip was we connected with my dear friend from college days.  She and her husband were down for interviews in Arizona so they met up with us in Sedona.  We did the adventurous jeep ride through Soldier's Pass and 7 Sacred Falls.  We laughed so hard the whole time that I think our tour guide was ready to cut our ride short, but he  thought we were quite entertaining. We had such a great time.  Hopefully these two will move to Arizona so we will have many good times to come!  Thanks Katie and Joe for the fun and laughs!

Another beautiful hike!

Peralta~a new favorite hike!
Jan, Kelly, Carol, Kathy and I decided to hike this week before the heat set in and while the flowers were still in bloom.  It was the most beautiful day ever and we were surrounded by desert flowers. I love these women, they make everything fun.  At the top we had a beautiful view of the other side of the valley with weaver's needle in the background.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

That Tricky Rabbit

This year the Easter Bunny let the games begin with a new tradition ( a good friend of mine shared with me at quilting group called follow the string), so I told the Bunny and he had so much fun with this one. Each person had a different colored string with their name on it sitting on the table. The strings went out the front door and engaged themselves all throughout the woods, under logs, through tree tops, across streams and up and down hills. The object was to follow the string to their Easter baskets. I think the Easter Bunny had as much fun or more than the participants and Nana and I had so much fun watching it all play out. After they found their baskets then it was time to hunt for eggs.  That Tricky rabbit...hid them in the craziest places.  Nana always helps out the rabbit by putting money in the eggs which makes the hunt that much more competitive. Joslyn surprises us all with finding the grand prize egg way high in a tree.  This year she couldn't say that she isn't a good hunter because she walked away with the mother load of cash!
Easter Bunny impersonators! We had such a wonderful Easter at the cabin.  Nana always makes holidays so special with her traditions. She has every possible egg decorator and gadget, along with all sorts of contests.  She made the most amazing dinner and we enjoyed the beautiful talks that were given a conference.

The boys played war in the forest with their new guns, as you can see by their faces they took it very serious.  They love having fun with Grafton, he fits right in!
Quoting Nana, "Happy Easter, Happy Spring, Happy Happy Everything!"