Saturday, March 19, 2011

Our traditional Spring Break snowboarding/ski trip was spent in beautiful Brianhead Ski resort in Utah. It definitely wasn't your typical spring skiing. The weather report was snow and wind so for us fair weather Arizonians we weathered the storms and enjoyed every minute of skiing together. My all time favorite thing to do with my family is being all together on the slopes.

The boys loved the snowboarding park and took us on an adventure run to get over to the other side so we could watch all their tricks and talented footwork.
We stayed at a a beautiful, warm, cozy condo and played games, relaxed, watched movies mixed with March Madness, snuggled and enjoyed lots of yummy food.
Our traditional St. Patricks attire.  We love to show are Irish spirit and feel the luck of the Irish on St Paddy's day.  We can always find each other with our bright green wigs.  We love to celebrate such a fun holiday on the slopes and avoid any painful pinches by being prepared with green attire.
Snowmobiling has become a tradition the last few years for Wade's birthday!  He is always so blessed to have his birthday on Spring break and loves to pick a fun family activity to celebrate his birthday in style.  It was the most beautiful country to snowmobile through the aspen's overlooking the beautiful mountains.

We all enjoyed milkshakes!  Happy Birthday to my high adventure, amazing husband who makes life so much fun and everyday is a celebration just being around him.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

A family that works together

What would  I ever do without my yard men.  The hard work they do every week really pays off, since our backyard looks like a resort.  They take such pride in their work and really know how to get the job done.  I love looking out every week and see them in action, they even do it with a smile while working so hard.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Fun Surprise!!!

I walked in to the orthodontics to meet up with Jake for his appointment and this is what I beheld.  What a fun surprise to walk in and see Laurisa taking care of her brother.  She re-cemented his permanent retainer back on with a smile as you can see her it radiating through her mask.  I love that the girls can both do things for their family members, the boys especially love it when they can get a haircut at the drop of a hat.  We will have a dental hygentist, cosmetologist, e.r. doctor all in the family. Wow we are in good hands.  We don't know what we are going to do without our cosmetologist and e.r. doc when they move to might be an expensive haircut with the price of airline tickets, but so worth it!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Inspiring Family Night

Tonight we had Jenny, who we know from church, over to teach us about Anasazi, since she is a trail walker for them.  Anasazi is a survival course for teens that teaches them a way to walk in the wilderness as well as life and to find their inner worth .  Jenny and two other trail walkers taught us all about the Anasazi ways, ancient philosophy's about walking forward by using the motto "We, instead of Me", to be others oriented. They taught us how to let go of the past and that we can have a spotless future by taking steps on a new path.  After the trail walkers shared about forward walking vs. backward walking and having a heart of peace vs. a heart of war and about challenging yourself to change, we tried fun recipes that they make while in the wilderness with limited ingredients.  It was amazing to see all the creative food that can be made with just different ways of putting it together.  Mac made us some yummy oatmeal cookie and some "wet dog".  We tried apples dipped in "tang" and "cheese powder"  I can see how delicious the food would be if you were starving in the wilderness.  Actually it wasn't that bad, but I think Joslyn might disagree.

The night ended by passing around what they call the "talking stick" and sharing an awakening that has occured in our lives.  We went around the circle sharing experiences that have been life altering in each of our lives.  I loved hearing each awakening from those I love.  I learn from all of you ways I can have courage to make life changes to walk forward each day in a new light.  Thank you Jenny for such an inspiring family night, one we will always remember.  Your light and love for others can be felt wherever you go!

Morp was "Out of This World!"

Morp is Prom spelled backward and is a girl's choice casual dance. How fun for the three cousins to get asked by such cute girls and all to be in the same group. The theme was, "Out of This World" The girls took them for dinner at Organ Stop Pizza and then after the dance took them to BJ's for Pazooki's (ice cream melted on a chocolate chip cookie) These girls must have known a way to win a guys heart is through their stomach. Such a fun memory!

President's day hike

The boys had Monday off school for presidents day, so after they came home from taking some girls on a date we hiked the Lost Duchman trail. We missed Mitch since he had to work. I love how beautiful the desert is this time of year and you could see forever. Don't let these innocent sweet faces fool you...
this is their true selves coming out!!!  They definitley entertained us as you can see.  My favorite picture is the look on the tour guides face after he gave us a tour of the mine for a half an hour. I think if might have been the longest half an hour of his life.  He thought Mac and Jake were twins.
What a fun day exploring an old time western town. As you can tell there isn't a dull moment with these two around!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Mitch is going to be a BYU Cougar!

We are so proud of our college bound son for getting accepted to BYU. He has really earned it and is excited to be Provo bound this summer before his mission. He has always wanted to go to BYU and has really applied himself in high school to make his dream come true!  We are so excited for you Mitch and your awesome future you have ahead of you...I think he would leave tomorrow if he could but we are glad to have him around for a few more months.  Way to go Mitch... our BYU Cougar!

Speedy Family Night

 We spent family night at F1 racing.  Now that it is just me and the boys we do all sorts of adventure, sports, crazy, wild, fun, family nights!  I always said I make a girl mom but Wade assures me that I make a great teenage boy mom.  Well I am officially initiated into the male realm of things since December.  I really do love hanging out with these amazing men and love having our nephew Mac with us!  There is always something fun and crazy going on between these three.  The speedway was one of the fastest go cart raceways I've ever been on and crashing going 40 miles an hour felt like the real thing with whip lash and all.  It was a thrill and so fun to do as a family.  Thank you gentlemen for showing this woman an adventure packed night followed by subs and frozen yogurt.

1/2 Marathon

Wade is trying to keep up with his son's who are motivating him to stay active with them.  We won't add that they are quite a bit younger.  I think it makes Wade feel younger doing physical things with his new son in laws.  So as you can see they talked him into a half marathon.  The girls and I had fun cheering them on.  We were proud of our men!  Way to go Justin, Grafton, and Wade you are amazing! The race was a great cause  for a cure for heart defects and made us so grateful that day for Laurisa and her niece Bella who have beautiful hearts!