Monday, June 29, 2009


We were invited by our friends to go to Hawaii. When they shared with us the deal they were getting it was hard to pass up the invite. It was our first time to visit the Big Island. It was our favorite Island because there was so much to do. Everyday was a "new adventure". We loved seeing the active volcano splash red lava into the ocean, scuba diving at night with the giant 12 feet manta rays, hiking to waterfalls and beautiful hidden black sand beaches. The Big Island has so much to offer. It is the only Island that you can snow ski and surf in the same day. It has an active volcano that is erupting continually which is making the island increase in size by the minute. It's landscape is black volcano rock on the Kona side and lush tropical landscape on the Hilo side. We enjoyed going to the Kona temple. The setting was so beautiful and I loved the grounds they had fan palms and orchids growing.I was so proud of myself doing my first night dive. I was afraid the giant rays would bump into me and knock off my mask at the bottom of the ocean. I couldn't believe how much I truly enjoyed swimming with these gentle creatures. They did swim within an inch of my mask and only bumped me once, which was a little freaky, but it was truly one the of most thrilling experiences. Wade and I just layed on the bottom of the ocean and watched 8 giant Mantas fly through the water. They are beautiful creatures.We enjoyed hiking on the volcano and through the lava tubes!Our Hotel was like a city within itself. You had to take a monorail or boat to each part of the hotel. They had a dolphin exhibit and amazing pools, slides and places to snorkel! It was the best snorkeling in all Hawaii. Wade and I are always ready to come home after a week, but not this time. We were so sad to leave. I think I've been homesick for Hawaii ever since I've been home. I think I am a converted "Island girl"!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Laurisa's Senior Trip

One of my favorite places to go is Washington D.C. I think I have a love affair going! I love the history, architecture, feeling and even the smell. Visiting D.C. is actually a spiritual experience for me to know that is where it all began with our founding father's. It makes me appreciate the freedom we enjoy and so proud to be an American! I visit there frequently when Wade goes there for business. Each year I take one child to tour with while Wade is tied up with business and this year it was Laurisa's turn.
Since she graduated we made it her Senior trip and she brought her goodfriend Alexis Flake. The trip started in Baltimore so we could see Wade's brother Justin. He is there for Dental school. Wade paid Laurisa to sing her favorite song from Hairspray, "I Love You Baltimore!", right when she got off the plane. Justin toured us around Baltimore and took us to his favorite Afganistan restaurant with his girl friend Beth. It was so much fun to meet Beth and spend time with the two of them. We ended the night with amazing Gelato Italian ice cream.We spent three days in D.C. sightseeing all the monuments, memorials, and museums. Alexis's Dad is a U.S. Congressman, so she got us on some special private tours. It was fun to spend time on the floor of the House and to hear all her political stories. One of our favorite restaurants was the Corner Bakery. Alexis got us hooked on Panini's. When we came home she surprised us with a Panini maker. What a wonderful trip and fun memory we will cherish.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

May Highlights

Okay Okay so I got a little behind on blogging, my friends and family keep reminding me that I haven't blogged in a I didn't realize that myself. Sometimes life just gets in the way. May was one of the craziest months ever with such big events happening in our lives! Mitch received his Eagle, Jake got promoted from Jr. High, Laurisa graduated from High School, and got her schedule all ready for ASU next fall, Mitch got his driver's license, Mitch went to EFY, Jake went to Lake Powell, trying to soak up that last few weeks of mother daughter time with Joslyn before she moved to Utah, and Wade and I took Laurisa on a Senior trip to D.C. with her friend Alexis. So now you see why I got a little behind. I was also busy making Laurisa a graduation quilt with all her t-shirts from growing up, besides jewelery orders. So did I give you enough excuses.
As much as I love blogging, for therapy sake I've decided that it has become one more thing to fall behind with. A favorite saying comes to mind, "the hurrieder I go the behinder I get!" I really do need to slow down but life isn't affording me that luxury at the moment with three teenagers at home. Although Wade and I did experience an empty house for two days at the end of May when all the children were out of town. I have to say it was bliss and gave me a glimpse of what are life will be like in less than 5 years! Wahoo!

Jake's promotion from Jr. High School. This means our baby will be in High school next year. Wow times flies when you are having fun. I didn't think it was possible to be any more social than his older siblings, but I think Jake has them beat in this department. Jake spent the day and night celebrating with friends at several parties. Jake is really looking forward to going to High school with his brother Mitch next year.
The night Laurisa graduated from Highland High was an unusual one for Arizona since it rained during the graduation ceremony. Arizona schools always have their graduation ceremony's outside on the football field since the weather is always so beautiful in May. The last two years has proven to be opposite of good weather and it has rained. It made for an exciting fun memory which I think Laurisa attracted since she loves the rain. Anyone that knows Laurisa knows how much she loves the rain, for many reasons (none of which I should disclose on a blog) Laurisa got to speak at baccalaureate and graduation. She didn't skip a beat as the rain kept falling. Her speech was so inspiring and motivating. She takes after her Dad with her speaking abilities. After, we all came to the house to celebrate. It was quite a celebration! Thank you family and friends that have sent her cards and money. She has felt showered with love!
Mitch gets his driver's license. Without hurting any one's feelings I have to say he is the best driver ever. He is very competent and safe on the road and what a blessing to have him run errands and drive him self to his new job at Tilly's this summer. Way to go Mitch!