Thursday, January 20, 2011

2011 Christmas

There is nothing better in all the world than having your family together for Christmas.  This year was a special one with the addition of two family members.  We spent Christmas Eve at Nana and Paul's.  We enjoyed the evening with the traditional feast, a talent night and the infamous picture with the reindeer antlers.
 Wade wrote and performed a rap for us.  I think he has been in the wrong business all these years. 
 Opening presents Christmas morning with our traditional matching pajamas. 
One of my very favorite days of the year is Christmas morning where I can stay in my pajamas and play all day with my family.  We played games all day, everyone joined in on the fun of "just dance"!
Playing a funny game where we had to act out and do crazy pranks on each other.  I love spending time with this crazy bunch!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


After Laurisa's wedding Wade said, " something is wrong with this picture, the bride and groom leave for a honeymoon, but we are the one's that need a vacation after putting on a wedding".  So after the 2nd wedding Wade decided to whisk me away on a surprise minimoon get-a-way! 
 Wade has always wanted to bring me here to The Boulders.  It is the most unusual, stunning setting, a resort in the middle of these giant boulders.  We went on a few hikes exploring our surroundings but mostly just recovered and had rest and relaxation after such a busy year. 

The restaurant was a new favorite.  The food was phenomenal!  It makes my mouth water just thinking about all the flavors.  Thanks Wade for whisking me away, what an amazing surprise.  I am a lucky girl!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Christmas Parties

Our Quilting group's Christmas Party was so much fun. It was fun to gather just for social without being preoccupied with completing a project. I have so much fun learning and laughing with all these amazing women. I don't know how I got so blessed to be surrounded by this remarkable group of women. Thanks for inviting me to be a sassy sewer! We had a gift exchange where we could steal other people's gifts. Everyone kept stealing the gift I brought so I told everyone I would teach them how to make them so they all could have one. We had such yummy food that Kathy made us. It really put me in the Christmas spirit!
Two back to back Christmas parties with my institute friends.  Everyone spoiled each other with gifts and yummy food.  Jan gave us all Princess wear and told us we're all royal daughters of our Heavenly Father, Kelly bought us books, and beautiful rinestoned key magnets so we wouldn't lose our keys.  Kathy Rollender bought us Lion house pie plates and yummy mixes to go in them.  Carol bought us each personal gifts, she bought me a quilting journal which I already have made.  Loved it!!!  And I made everyone bracelets.  We had a beautiful sitdown dinner at Kelly's amazing table and ate food that we all brought. It was all so festive and fun!  These women are my dearest friends who I have shared my life with and who have continually blessed my life. I have the dearest, truest friends that anyone could ask for.  I feel so loved!!!