Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Best Birthday Present Ever!!!

Mitch received his Eagle at a Court of Honor at our home on my birthday! This is the best birthday present this mother could ask for. He actually received his Eagle in the mail several months prior and we were waiting for a court of honor. Without us knowing Mitch had told the Eagle specialist that he didn't need to be recognized so when I caught wind of this I asked Mitch if he would please do it for his mother.It was such a wonderful ceremony and we all enjoyed seeing Mitch presented with his Eagle. Mitch's leader made the comment that he won the record for having the most girls at an Eagle project. Mitch had an overwhelming turn out---over 60 people came to help and support him with his project. Mitch was able to recognize all his leaders and mentors for their support and hard work in helping him through the many years of the scouting program.I enjoyed presenting him with a framed memento of his Eagle certificate, picture and pin that he can display on his wall.It was such a great experience as a mom watching him grow and show such leadership during his Eagle project. His project was for Save The Family where he restored a home for a homeless family. He planned and led this project all by himself, but I had the privilege of driving with him to all the many places to get donations. It was such a wonderful experience for a mom to see the respect he commanded always being dressed in uniform and to see him grow in so many ways through the whole experience. I am so proud of you Mitch for the person you became and all you learned while achieving the highest rank in scouting! Thanks for the best birthday present ever!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Women's Conference

This year we stayed with family for Women's conference. The Whitings let us stay in their basement apartment. It was better than any hotel. They were such wonderful hostesses! It was great to get to see everyone. Emily always makes me feel so loved she couldn't wait to see me so I talked all of my friends into stopping by her house. I would travel any distance just to have her hugs and kisses! She is the most loveable child. Amber was able to join us for the Thursday Conference! Thanks Mom and Dad for allowing us to stay with you!

Women's Conference was amazing this year! I don't know if it was just more needed that made it so wonderful, but I have never seen the Marriott Center filled to the brim. I couldn't get enough of the whole experience. It is truly one of my favorite things to partake of. I felt like a sponge trying to take it all in and seriously couldn't get enough. I always feel so uplifted being a part of it all! This is the third year we have been together at Women's Conference--Kelly Breinholt, Jan Child and Kathy Rollender ( we missed you Kathy Gray). I enjoy the tradition. We have such a great time together. We stayed up late playing "canasta" and laughing so hard that we couldn't breathe. I have the best friends in the world and love them all, they inspire me to want to be better.
The beauty of Utah surrounded us wherever we went. We loved seeing the tulip festival, going to the Timpanogas temple, shopping, massages, and dining.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Prom 2009

Prom was a special one this year because both Mitch and Laurisa were able to go together in the same group. She truly preferred having the opportunity of going to Prom with her brother instead of her other group of friends. I was amazed at the choice she made and the closeness she has with him. They had such a fun night and said it was one of their favorite dances. It will be a memory that they always will share together.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Chick Cruise

I was invited on a "Chick Cruise" by a wonderful friend of mine, Britt Booher (our amazing cruise director). I was a little apprehensive leaving my man behind and going with a bunch of women but it turned out to be an amazing adventure! Even though I got a little home sick, which was a first for me, I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it with these remarkable women. It was a group of twelve women, 6 of them were already great friends and by the time the cruise was over I felt like I had known all these women a life time! It was so fun to meet new friends and cultivate better relationships with my already friends. All these women are truly amazing and I enjoyed being able to rub shoulders and learn from each one of them! I love them all---they are so much fun to be around.
The cruise ship went to Key West and Grand Cayman Island. Everyday was filled with adventure, excitement and lots of laughs. We had many inside jokes through the trip, "Do you believe in destiny!", "How's my bangs?", My husbands a nerd he'll take lots of pictures of you!", my roommate is high maintenance,....etc! The food was amazing on the Celebrity. I loved to go to the spa and eat at the spa restaurant. I could eat food like that everyday and be so happy! We all also loved the ice cream, coconut was a favorite! One of the highlights was "Sting Ray City" in the Cayman Islands. I had this baby sting ray just latch on to me and give me hugs! I could have taken the sting-ray home if I could have figured out a way. I think it would have been very happy in our salt water pool as a pet. We spent a day canoeing and biking around the Island of Key West. It was so fun to bike and stop and shop and eat! What a fun adventure it was! It is amazing the power that many women have together! We could usually talk our guides into just about anything, except picking a plumeria flower on the side of the road. Everyone was so accommodating!