Monday, May 3, 2010

Women's Conference 2010

Another wonderful Women's Conference. There is nothing like the whole experience of being on BYU campus with 15,000 women all striving to learn and become better individuals. It even makes it better, to be able to be there with amazing friends that can relate and laugh with you. We have been friends for many years and go to institute together every week.  These women are amazing examples to me and all have their individual strength and talent that I learn from and I am so grateful for their love and friendship.
The first day I flew with Britt as her "buddy" we went to dinner with my in-laws. They were so gracious to house all 7 of us in their basement apartment. They made it feel like home and took such good care of us.
The next day everyone met us and we ate lunch at the Harvest restaurant at Thanksgiving Point. Then we went to the Draper Temple and then shopped at some of our favorite stores and then to Bajios for dinner.
The first day of the conference we were off and running with a full schedule of classes and service projects and a night music concert, topped it off with goodies and a new chocolate bakery in town.
The last day of the conference we tried to cram in more classes and my cousin got us all front row seats at the Marriott Center to hear her speak. I loved seeing her and  getting the opportunity to introduce her to all my friends. They all bought her book and had her autograph it. She gave the most beautiful concluding remarks of our roles of women of God and  how to increase our Faith. It was a highlight for me to hear her speak.
The weather was quite chilly as you can see in the pictures.  What would BYU be without snow.  We ended the conference with getting massages and playing games and warming up with hot chocolate.  It was hard to see it end but we all felt so edified and ready to come home and tackle motherhood and our many roles as women!