Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!!!

Our little devil and angel!!! They are both perfect angels!

This year with having only teenagers at home I thought there would be no dressing up so I had to go buy dog costumes to keep the Halloween spirit! I was surprised last minute everyone found a costume to go to our church Halloween party! After the party Joslyn and Golden came over for our traditional Halloween chili. Two of the teenagers went to a party and the youngest went trick-or-treating! Our costumes are all random, but it was a fun night. Wade and I got these Rastafarian costumes on our cruise to St. Thomas. We've been working on our tans all year!!! Ha Ha! Carmel apples, Joslyns favorite! All worn out after too much Trick-or-treating.

Weekend Get-a-way

After an exhausting week of sewing ruffles on costumes for Laurisa's LIGHT performance group we decided to go see her perform in Snowflake Arizona. We headed up north three hours with the boys. The show was so entertaining and the costumes looked great! The many hours of sewing paid off. It was all worth it!
Sunday we spent the night at Nana's cabin and went to church in Pine. When we came back from church we had surprise visitors--our friends, the Grays and Rollenders.
The kids had so much fun raking leaves, exploring nature, playing games and talking.
The adults also had a great time playing games, talking, taking a Sunday drive up the mountain, and some even fell asleep in the hammock! The highlight was going to the fireside in Payson. It is hard to describe the spirit that was present. It was such an incredible fireside. These youth testified of Christ through song and testimony. We came away touched with a desire to be better and use our talents to serve others. Thank you "LIGHT" for being such amazing examples to all! Laurisa you are our hero!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Fall Break

We love Nana and Grandpa's cabin!

Rocky Point Mexico

We went from the cabin to the beach last week for Fall Break! I always look forward to fall every year so we can get a vacation for a week with the family. This year we spent the first part of the week at Nana and Paul's cabin with my brother Tom and his wife Holly and my nephew Weyland. It was like a family reunion. We had so much fun hiking Fossil Springs watching movies and playing games. The second half of the week we spent at the beach in Rocky Point Mexico. We had the best time this year. It was so wonderful to have Joslyn and Golden with us! They are so much fun to hang out with. At night while the other kids were hanging out with friends we had nights to together to play games, jacuzzi, and talk. What a treat to spend time with them. We always have such a wonderful time relaxing on the beach. It was a much needed vacation!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Coming up for AIR.....

I never want to see another ruffle in my life time!!!
I've been sewing my brains out for the past four days with barely time to breath!!!It's a wonder that I have any left---brains that is. They shut down two days ago. My friend from high school somehow knew I could sew and volunteered me for the sewing committee for Laurisa's performing group.I got the ruffle project on Monday afternoon and was given until Friday to finish it for the performance on Saturday. Nothing like a short notice with 96 hours ahead of me. I had to call in the recruits because I realized that even without eating and sleeping I couldn't have done it by myself. It's a wonder I have any friends left! I have the most incredible friends and family. My friends all helped me sew and saved me at least 36 hours. We called it the sweat shop! My Mom was awesome spending a whole day ruffling! She said I guilted her into it, but was happy to do it for her granddaughter. Wade was incredible, he was Mr. Mom for four days--cleaned, cooked, did the wash-- the whole gamete! Thank you EVERYONE who helped me to get this project done I couldn't have done it without you! I have the best family and friends in the world!!! I think next time I get asked if I own a sewing machine I might have to hide it under a bushel.

The never ending ruffles!!!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Shadow a Student Day!

Picture taken on my cell phone in Jakes math class!
I spent a day as an 8th grader! Last week I was invited with all the other parents to spend a day in the life of an eighth grader. It was definatley an experience. The best part of it was I got to spend the day with my son Jake. I can't believe how smart kids are now a days. We played an American Government game and I had to rely on my son Jake for many of the answers. I think kids are smarter than we were. Jake you are amazing and fun to be with! If I were a boy in the eighth grade I would definately want to hang out with you! Jake thanks for letting me get to follow you around school to all of your classes and spend the day with you.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

SpOoKy FaMiLy HoMe EvEniNg

For family night I thought it would be fun to get into the Halloween Spirit of things. We made a spooky candy halloween mansion while watching the Great Pumpkin. Well I should say two of us finished the craft. Laurisa said," how come it is always just you and me whenever we make something as a family?" I told her I guess it is a girl thing because the boys always ditch out! We had fun watching the Great Pumpkin, it brought memories of watching it as a kid. We made a yummy apple cobbler and put together treats for the neighbors to spook attack them! We are all ready for Halloween now! The kids are still figuring out what they want to dress up as--I guess there are somethings that you never out grow!

Laurisa and I didn't eat any of the frosting while we frosted the house!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Does Life Ever Slow Down?

I was so looking forward to a relaxing weekend. This is my favorite time of the year. The thought of relaxing and enjoying conference talks is so appealing, but somehow it never slows down for me around this time of the year. I only dream of having nothing else on this weekend. I can only hope for next conference to be less busy! In between the caos I enjoyed every minute of conference. I thought it was so inspiring! Is it just me but it seems to get better each year, maybe I just need it more each year! I could really relate to Sister Dalton when she said that when she got called to her new position she said that she told her self she could "do hard things", but since she has realized that "In the Strength of the Lord she can do all things" That really rang true to me in my life. How true it is that we can do all things with the Lord. I feel this conference was such a message of hope and comfort.
As the prophet put it I really felt the Spirit of the Lord. And I felt inspired to do more and be better. I love this Gospel with all of my heart and feel so blessed to be a member.
In between conferance, running to a baby shower, and priesthood session, Laurisa had a "Light" performance to raise money for breast cancer. She is so entertaining to watch! We got to see her perform her solo.

Reunited after 6 years! My friend Gina and her family moved to Mesa. We were dear friends in St. Louis. Walking buddies every morning! It is so fun to have her in our neck of the woods. We had them over for pizza night after conference! It was so good to spend the night with their family catching up on their lives! I'm so lucky to have such a dear friend as Gina who has inspired me and blessed my life through the years. She is so real and makes you feel like you've known her forever. It was like we were never apart! I'm grateful for good families like the Waddaups

Saturday, October 4, 2008

What did I get myself into

You would think I would have learned my lesson by now. In the middle of the week while Wade was out of town I decided to stain my doors, a project that I have been wanting to get to for sometime! I'm always trying to save money and think that I can do it myself. Well I learned the hard way. I thought that I would just wipe on a stain and finish in about an hour. I started it after my work out and had a friend that needed help so I put it down to go help my friend in need. Then I got busy helping kids, so in between a mothers responsibilities I worked on the doors. To make a long story short it turned out to be a disaster----the stain wouldn't adhere, it was the wrong color, etc. After several trips to home depot and after trying several different techniques I called my friend Susan who we had just done her door in two hours the previous day. I told her I was giving up and going to hire somebody. She came to the rescue and saved the day with her willingness to stay up with me until 1:00 a.m. until the door was finished. She helped me strip the stain that was too dark and have the confidence that we could make it work with a lighter color. Now that is a good friend.
So I learned a lesson that night that I think makes a good life analogy. I believe we didn't really know what we were signing up for when we decided to come to earth and take on all the responsibilies that we undertake. And many times it is difficult and hard and we want to call it quits and give-up. But I've learned that we aren't in it alone. We have family and loved ones that we can call upon and they are always there for us. They believe in us and have faith in us. The inspire us to greatness. Many times we are on the verge of overcoming obstacles when we are exhausted and ready to give up! We just need to believe that the reward is around the corner.

The reward of perserverance! My doors turned out so beautiful! But not without much sacrifice, hard work, and sheer exhaustion!
I love my doors! It was all worth it! Thank you Susan for believing in me!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Fun Family Night

Laurisa rock climbs with a smile

Way to go Mitch!

Go Kyle and Kyle!!!

Jake showing us all up! He even tried it with one hand!

Laurisa and Kyle racing to the top!
Joslyn and Golden!
Wade still has it! He did the most difficult one to show us all up!

We went to the Rec center for family night with the Chapmans. It was fun to see the competiveness come out in all the kids. Even I had to make it to the top just to say I still had it. Today I could barely get out of bed between the rock climbing, racquetball night on Monday and Olympic night teaching the Beehives gymnastics last night. I realized this body of mine is not what it used to be.