Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays!!! I love sharing it with those I love! I want to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving! I am so incredibly thankful for such wonderful family and friends! I haven't been feeling well all week so my mom came over yesterday and caught me up on my laundry and cleaned some bathrooms! It was amazing what a lift she gave me!
Today I went to my institute class and then out to lunch with friends. When I returned home, Wade and Mitch had cleaned the entire house spotlessly, prepared and put the turkey in the fire pit, and did miscellaneous to do lists (things that have been needing to be done for a while now)! What a surprise. I feel so overwhelmingly blessed and loved! All day I kept counting all the my many blessings!
I'm so THANKFUL for:
* my amazing family
* wonderful caring friends
* this beautiful world
* the gospel of Jesus Christ
* charitable people
* health and strength
* the scriptures that guide us
* pets that show unconditional love
* a country with all the freedoms we enjoy
* life's lessons that teach us how to be better
* the atonement of Jesus Christ
* modern conveniences and technology
* a modern day living prophet
* opposition in all things
* hope and faith for the future
* eternal life
I am so thankful for You! Thank you for being a wonderful part of my life. I feel so grateful for all the wonderful examples you are to me! You all inspire me to be better! I love you all! Happy Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Yummy Wholewheat Bread!!!

There is nothing like homemade bread hot out of the oven! It is a family favorite! My friend came over and saw my bread cooling on the counter and said you have to take a picture and put the recipe on your blog! Most of you I've already shared this recipe with, but if you haven't tried it you'lll love it! It's Chef Brads bread recipe. It is fullproof and turns out perfect every time, except one time when I left the oven on 400 degrees the whole time! It came out bricks! So learn from my mistake!

Basic Whole Wheat Bread

6 c. hot water (110 degrees) 2/3 c. honey
10 c. Prairie Gold or other hard 3 Tbsp. dough enhancer
whole wheat flour 3Tbsp. Saf or othe instant yeast
2 Tbsp. salt 6-8 c. Natural white flour
2/3 c. oil (optional)

Preheat oven to 400 degrees. Combine ingredients in Bosch bowl with dough hook, using only half of the flour, placing flour in last with yeast on top. Begin mixing, adding enough remaining flour until dough cleans sides of bowl (it may not require all of the flour). Knead 6 minutes or until gluten has developed. Remove from bowl and divide into loaves. Form loaves for pans or free standing loaves. Let rise to double. Bake in prheated oven, dropping temperature to 325 degrees. Bake 20-25 minutes or until internal bread temperature reaches 180 degrees.

I just love this recipe! From start to finish it only takes me 1 1/2 hours, and I can do things in between the dough rising and baking! I love modern technology! It also makes great rolls! Great for Thanksgiving! Enjoy!!!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Date with Mitch!!!

I have been looking forward to this date for years! A tradition in our family is that when one of the teenagers turn 16 their first date is with their dad or mom! The girls first date was with their dad and so I've been waiting for Mitch to turn 16 so he could ask me on his first date! It was everything a girl could hope for! He caught me by surprise with a phone call asking me on a date, he told me what time, what we would be doing, and what I should wear! He was an awesome driver and a perfect gentleman! We had so much fun together bowling! I taught him everything I knew and he used it against me and beat me both games! I had fun being his cheer leader and cheering him on! I now call him bowling man! He's got a great strike! After, he treated me to a yogurt at our favorite place--Mesa Frozen Yogurt. It was an awesome date that this Mom will never forget! Girls be ready for a fun date if you are as lucky as me!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Twilight fan!!!

The Vampire at the theatre was a little scary! Definitely not the Edward type!
How did I become a fan? Maybe it was partly because I went with my daughter and her fun friends! Could it be because I went with low expectations. I don't know how it happened, but I LOVED it! I was so entertained by Laurisa and her friends, they were so into it that it was hard not to catch the whole Edward fascination! I went to the movie with low expectations, because after reading the first two books in the series I sort of lost interest. I am not really into vampires and the whole supernatural thing! It really surprised me how much I enjoyed it! It was very captivating and kept my interest and attention! I enjoyed the movie more than the book, which I have never liked a movie more than a book; weird for me! Maybe I don't have as good of imagination as Stephanie has! It was a very fun night! It was especially fun that a friend of ours rented out the theatre for a private showing! Definitely a chick flick! They asked the guys to stand up that were in the audience and there were only three! I don't know if I would go as far as saying I'm an Edward fan, I think I'll stay a Wade fan. When I came home Wade said he wanted to suck my blood!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Meaning of Life?

Today I spent the whole day pondering life and it's Meaning! I have heard of so many Tragic situations lately! Today I am feeling others sorrows and pain. I know we all signed up for this journey, but sometimes it seems some situations are so very difficult! I know through a loving Heavenly Father we can be Comforted and Strenthened. What a Blessing the Gospel is in our lives; to know there is a purpose and plan in our trials! My Prayers reach out to those that are hurting and suffering! You are all an Inspiration to me and help make the simple everyday JOYS of life seem more meaningful! I needed a reminder of the meaning of life today and always! I will live Everyday as it were my last , try to live more in the Moment, and enjoy all the blessings that come my way! I will reach out and help others in any way I can!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Mother-Daughter time

Today I spent the day driving to Scottsdale to spend time with Joslyn! We had a great time together catching up! Joslyn treated me to a yummy restaurant called Tossed--delicious salads! Although, we don't recommend the veggie burger! We kept trying to like it, by putting more ketchup on it but nothing could hide the terrible taste! We both usually love a good veggie burger. Joslyn I bet you'll always remember a BK veggie day---maybe next time!
I am in love with her new puppy --Dolce! She seriously is the cutest thing; she is the size of a guinnie pig and will only weigh 3 pounds when full grown! I could steal her but Roxy and Paco would get jealous! Thanks for a fun day today Joslyn! I loved spending the day together!My new grandpup! Isn't she cute!

Addicted to Piano!!!

I am sitting at my computer because I can't get on the piano! I went to practice my piano tonight for my lesson tomorrow and Mitch beat me to it! Something is very wrong about this picture! I can never get on the piano lately! Mitch is on the piano constantly, sometimes up to 3 hours. I don't understand what has happened. All these years when he took lessons he would never practice and now that he doesn't take lessons he practices so much that I have to beg him to please stop! I guess it is reverse psychology. I started taking piano lessons myself to inspire not require! I guess it worked, I wish I would have caught on to this principle years ago because it works....the only problem is I never get a turn to practice! I just thought of what Mitch is going to get for Christmas--A Keyboard!

Monday, November 17, 2008


On Saturday night after our church party we went to see the Musical "Camelot"! Wade and I have season tickets to the Hale Theatre with about 10 couples from our church! It is always a fun night to look forward to! The plays are all done amazingly well and are so entertaining! I always look forward to a date with my husband. He is not only my favorite person to hang out with, but he is also very entertaining! On our wedding day an Aunt of Wade's told me that marrying Wade means my life would be filled with fun, and that has been the case for 21 years! Thanks for 21 years of continual fun Wade! I love you sweetheart and look forward to thousands of dates together!


This weekend was another big LIGHT weekend! Laurisa's Light performance group is definitely becoming our life! We love every minute of watching her perform! She said, "I have never loved something so much in my life, besides my family!" I love seeing her do what she loves best and that is reaching out to others through song and dance! She performed at ASU on Saturday! It was fun to hear the comments as we stood around as they performed outside on a stage. People seemed to love the show! I don't know if Wade is going to let Laurisa leave the house for college now, after hearing two ASU guys talk about how good looking his daughter is and pointing her out! They would have died if they knew her Dad was over hearing their conversation they were having about his daughter!
Sunday was another incredible fireside! Just when I think they can't sound any better! I am so proud of each one of these youth, they have such an amazing spirit they share. Every time I see the fireside I am so touched and inspired to be better! Thanks LIGHT, your light shines so bright!

Laurisa and I carrying her heavy bin with all her costumes walking to the car that is parked 2 miles away!

Bling! Bling!

Laurisa and I did a craft project over the weekend! My friend asked me to post it on my blog, so here is a picture of the cute shoes we bedazzled! We got the imitation converse at Payless and then we glued swarvoski flat backs on the toe of the shoe!!!
Today her feet sparkled all around school. Everywhere she went people had a comment to make! Most kids said,"You would bedazzle your shoes, since you bedazzle everything else". It is totally her personality! Laurisa loves anything that speaks Bling Bling! It was a fun project to do together. Laurisa is the craft Queen! I love her individuality and creativity!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Cooking Club

My friend in our ward Kim Dover started a cooking club for all those that wanted to exchange fun recipes with each other. She is my inspiration because she is always making something yummy at her house. I still don't know how she keeps her darling figure. I love cooking club because it inspires me to cook! Cooking is not one of my favorite things to do but being around these amazing women helps me want to do it more! Tonight we had our cooking club! We sat around the table in my backyard and tasted all the yummy food everyone brought! I love the weather this time of year! Where else can you sit outside and enjoy good friends and good food in November! It was so much fun catching up on life with these amazing women. Each one has so many talents and strenghs that I admire! It was such a fun evening! Thanks for inspiring me to cook more! I can't wait to try the recipes out on my family!

Weekend in Utah

This weekend I flew to Utah to see Laurisa perform with her Light group! It was especially fun because I got to spend time with all of Wade's family. We had so much fun watching Laurisa's Saturday night show, "Dancing Through the Decades, and then the Sunday night fireside. It was so wonderful to have all of the Utah family there to see Laurisa's performances. Laurisa loved being able to perform for her family. They are her biggest fans! They sat on the front row and cheered her on! Thank you family for your continual love and support!Emily is a princess! I got to spend the day with her since her family was at the BYU game! She doesn't have an appetite with all the medicines she's on so we went and bought her favorite burritos she wanted and had to take a detour to the local Toys R Us to find a toy. She knew exactly what she wanted--a Paco dog! I lost out trying to talk her into a craft I wanted. So I had to buy her both! She did the craft with me and watched a movie and played with Paco! I loved seeing her doing so well! Her hair is growing back in and is so soft that I couldn't resist kissing the top of it all day! She is so loved and gives so much love in return!
The cute Heaps family after the game in their BYU attire! GO COUGARS!!!
Look at all of the support Laurisa had coming to see her perform!
When we came home from church I took some pictures of Mom and Dad, this is my favorite picture of them. I helped Mom make her blog and organize all of their pictures on the computer. I had so much fun staying with them for the weekend. They always treat me so well! Thanks for spoiling me Mom and Dad!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Running in Circles

As I was reflecting on this crazy week, I couldn't help but laugh! It was the kind of week that felt like I was running on a tredmill and didn't get anywhere, but at least I could laugh along the way!

I found out the reason I was dragging this week was because I had a sinus infection! I didn't even clue in and went to the dentist because my teeth ached! That should have been the first clue I picked up on. So that is the reason I've been in a fog! Wade and I have been quite a pair-- him a cripple and me a zombie. So as I'm coming out of my daze I'm laughing at the events that transpired this week.

"What is mine is yours!"--- is the motto in our house with teenagers. I always wished for a sister to share clothes and now I have a daughter to share with. I came home from the dentist on Wednesday and took off my shoes and made dinner in a hurry because I had to get everyone fed for Mutual. Laurisa had to leave a half an hour early to practice her song for Women in Excellence night. So after I got things cleaned up I went to put my shoes on and rush out the door. I couldn't find them anywhere. I was such in a fog I could not remember where I put them. Needless to say I gave up and had to wear some shoes that didn't really go with the outfit, but at this point I didn't care because I was late from searching.
As I was sitting there watching Laurisa walk back to her seat from singing there were my shoes on her feet. Laurisa now knows what it is like to walk in her mother's shoes, or does she. I said to her there are my shoes and she just shrugged her shoulders and gave me a huge smile.
Yesterday as I was feeling a little bit better I ran some errands. I decided to surprise Wade and wash his car. I wanted to do something for him since he has been recovering from his "taking out the trash" injury. I came home so excited to surprise him. Because he has been couped he was anxious to run errands when I came home. When he came through the door I asked him where he went. He answered with, "I went to wash my car! So you can get a small glimpse of how my week was! I truly felt as if I ran in circles!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Photo shoot

Sibling Separation

Joslyn, Mitch,and Jake were used as models for an ad for an adoption agency. I took it off the website This is what the photographer had to say about the shot.
The shot is of siblings being separated from each other and they are grasping for each other to pull themselves back together as a family. With Christ in the middle holding them together. This can represent a number of meanings. Divorces, sibling separation through foster care, a family dealing with addictions. Unseen forces tearing families apart. If you look closely you can see hands fading into the darkness as they are pulling the children apart from each other.

The kids in this shoot did a great job in showing the different emotions that anyone would have in this situation.
I love that the oldest brother has a very protective look on his face...ready to take on anyone and anything that would tear his family apart. The baby reaching for her older, when she did that in the shoot I knew that was the shot. How amazing that she would reach like that...she is 1yrs old. Amazing.
The younger brother concerned and the two older sisters reaching so desperately for each other as if to say "don't take them away from me. "

I loved doing this shoot. The thought of siblings separated from each other tears at my heart. photographer Helen Robson

My Hero!

Laurisa showed me this essay that a girl in her Student Council wrote and I was so touched by it. It just shows how you never know the influence you have on others. Laurisa you are my hero also!

A hero is someone you can look up to. Laurisa Whiting is my hero. She is all around an incredible person who has this amazing spirit about her. Not a day goes by that I don't consider her as my hero. Laurisa would do anything for anyone.
As I have gotten to know Laurisa and become close to her I have found that she is one of the most dependable people in my life. she is always there when I need her, day or night, anytime, anywhere. I can trust her and tell her anything. Laurisa has been a lifesaver and has gotten me through the difficult times.
Not only is Laurisa dependable but she is the most optimistic person I know. She see the glass as half full. She is always happy and looks for the good in life. Even when things get tough Laurisa doesn't let anything get to her. She always finds the good in every situation. She always has the biggest smile and is so bubbly. If only I was more like her. I don't know how she does it.
Through Laurisa's example and help I have made changes I never thought I would. I look up to her and appreciate everything she has done for me. Laurisa is my hero and no one can ever replace her.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Senior Pictures Class of 2009!

Laurisa recently had her senior pictures taken! I can hardly believe that she will graduate in 6 months from now. Her pictures turned out amazing! The photographer really captured her personality! The photographer had an idea to have her closest Highschool friends be a part of the photo shoot. What a great idea! They had such a great time taking pictures, they have fun no matter what they are doing! Laurisa has amazing friends, because she is such a good friend! If you'd like to see the whole porfolio the website is and you click client proofs and the username-Laurisaw

Mother Off Duty Today!

Okay I'm exhausted!!! I'm soooo tired and worn out! The last two days I think my Ebstein Barr is in full force because I have been dragging myself around! Today I had to go back to bed and I feel like I could hibernate for at least a week! I told Wade that I want to boycott motherhood today. I wish I could hire a replacement to cook, do laundry, run errands, clean house, pay bills, and put away my Halloween decorations! Does any one else ever feel this way! Maybe I should just take the day off, I think I'm going to try it! MOTHER OFF DUTY TODAY!!! Do not Disturb!!!

Sunday, November 2, 2008


He is going to die when he sees this picture. I stole it off of his before and after P90X pictures! Yes Mitch I have tickets!

Mitch is 16 today! Wow!
How do I even begin to describe the feeling of gratitude we all have for Mitch's birth. I remember that day like it was yesterday, holding that sweet little angel boy directly from heaven in my arms. Everyone that knows Mitch knows what an amazing young man he is. He is truly the most amazing teenager! He is his sisters and brother's best friend. He makes you feel better about yourself for just knowing him. He always has a hug to give you! He is so full of love for life!
He was always such a happy baby. He talked constantly as a child and is still just as social. Tonight his young men leader told me he broke the record for having the most girls at an Eagle project. He definitely has a following! It was so neat to see him in action with his Eagle project. He is a great leader and knows how to delegate. Besides the fact that I loved all of the one on one time we got together running all of the errands for his project. Mitch I am so proud of you! Thanks for being my example. He has such a strong testimony and love for his Savior. He always stands for truth and righteousness! He is a leader for good! He is also a very talented musician. He recently wrote a song for his sister Laurisa and played it on the guitar for her. It was definitely a tear jerker for this mother. I love how much he loves his family. Mitch we are so blessed that you were born into our family. We celebrate your life today and every day!!!

Mitch woke up to his siblings making homemade crepes, then after church we celebrated as a family. All his friends came over tonight for an ice cream bar with all his favorite toppings!
One of Mitch's favorite presents was the present given by his brother Jake. It was a poem, it goes as follows:
The gift of service is an amazing thing
You can not describe the joy it brings
The measure of love is so immense
when one kind deed will recompense
To show my endless love for you
I'll give this to show I'm true
A Saturday filled with endless fun
You will do no chores, you will play in the sun
While I will cheerfully take the weight
Because you were born on this marvelous date

Happy B-day Mitch! I love you with all my heart
Love, Jake

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Taking out the TRASH

I finally figured out how to get Wade to slow down!!! STITCHES! I realized that a man needs a women to help him make rational and wise decisions, like going to the emergency room when you have an arterial bleed.
Today after his jog he came home and decided to empty all the trash cans. He forgot that earlier he had broke a glass and put it in the garbage. As he pulled on the bag to take it out, the sharp piece of glass broke through the bag and sliced Wades inner thigh. Wade was sure I could just put a butterfly band aid on it and it would be all better. He didn't feel a need to have a needle in his epidermis. After much coaxing he finally agreed for me to take him to the urgent care just to have a look at it. He tried to talk them into superglueing it closed, but they were out of superglue. Darn, Wade was out of luck! I actually was very proud of my brave Warrior he only cried a little (JK) and having Jake at the end of the table watching the whole procedure and asking inquiring questions through the process made Wade more on the Brave side. Of course Wade is Jake's hero! Jake now has an interest in the medical profession and Wade's learned a lesson, "Never take the trash out!" The ER doctor said that you wouldn't believe how many accidents there are from taking out the TRASH! Beware Trash taker outers!

My brave warrior!