Wednesday, December 2, 2009

We are Thankful for Jake

We love having Jake's birthday around Thanksgiving because it helps us to reflect on all the reasons we are thankful for him. Our family tradition is to pass around the blessing bird and tell the things we are grateful for. Everyone had many reasons to be thankful for Jake.

We are Thankful for Jake's:

Giving heart, he would give you anything he owned, even the shirt off his back, but maybe not his food.

Compassion and concern for others and their feelings, and puts others before himself

Photographic memory with lyrics to songs, scriptures, and Spanish words

Bravery, he has an amazing high tolerance to pain and has courage to take on any challenge, even 21 days in the hospital

Fun personality, he makes everything fun and is very entertaining

Amazing ability to attract friends, everyone is Jake's friend

Loyalty to friends and family, he would never speak ill of anyone

Frugality, he loves to save his money as well as others

Example, to all even his older siblings

Has amazing etiquette and loves others to have the same, especially while fine dining

Work ethic, he's always willing to do any chores even with out being asked

Sensitivity to others feelings and wishes

Integrity, you can always count on him to do what he says he will do

Responsibility, never has to be asked twice to do something

Athleticism, he has amazing athletic talent and always pushes himself to his fullest potential

Academic work ethic, he strives to keep top grades and works hard studying and achieving excellence

Forgiving nature, he never holds grudges and is a peacemaker

Spirituality, he never misses reading his scriptures or writing in his journal

Friendship with girls, Mitch says he witnesses at school what a "chick magnet" he is

Kind heart

Humility, in fact he won't like that we posted all these things about him, but we do it anyway

Affection, he gives the best hugs and loves to express his love to his family~ We love you Jake!!!

It was so wonderful having all of Jake's grandparents here for the celebration.Jake's friends brought gifts throughout the day. These darling girls brought him Krispy Kreme's along with a matching hat.


Boise Buhrley's said...

Happy Birthday Jake! Thanksgiving IS such an appropriate day to celebrate you! The Buhrley'a unanimously feel you are one of our favorite people to be around. You are soooo easy to love! We just wish we could do it more often. LOVE YOU!!

Amber said...

Hi Jake! Can I borrow your photographic memory? Good manners, looks, fun and work ethic all in one...automatic chick magnet, for sure! We need another family reunion. I loved that I got some time with you. Thanks for being so awesome.Happy Birthday!!

Joslyn Marie said...

Oh my gosh i love this post of Jake! He's the best littlest bro. I was so glad i was there to celebrate. i love you family:)

marilyn said...

Jake is all that and more, Monica put it all so beautifully but you could add so much more, Jake we love you, you are truly an inspiration to be around thanks Jake for being such a great example and thanks for your love, we love you with all our heart!!!!!!!!