Monday, December 20, 2010

A true gift of LOVE

I have been in a quilting group for the past year and when I started quilting I had no idea this year I would be making two wedding quilts. It was crazy with wedding planning to make quilts but actually was a therapeutic diversion. Joslyn picked out the early 19th century Civil War replica fabric for this quilt. The pattern is called Tag Sale and is a replica of an old fashion quilt and since my daughter loves anything vintage, I knew she would enjoy it! The 100+ hours was a gift of love for this beautiful couple.


Christina said...

Wow! That is truly stunning! Great job.

Amber said...

YOU ARE AMAZING!!!!!!! This quilt is a beautiful work of art. Are you going to enter it in a contest??! Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Josy will cherish this always I'm sure.