Thursday, June 16, 2011

2011 Whiting Family Reunion

This year our Whiting Reunion was at Duck Creek at Pinewoods Resort in southern Utah. It may be the last year for quite awhile that everyone was together.  It was worth the effort of arranging all our schedules to make it happen! 
The Whiting Clan...look at all those beautiful smiles.  You can feel the love and support this family has for each other.
Fishing was a favorite.  We only got fishing licenses for one day but by the looks of these pictures you can see that they couldn't get enough.  One day, as a combined effort they caught 21 total.  The last day they even fished way into the dark.  They not only caught them, but cleaned them, filleted them, and cooked them.  I have to admit they were the best fish I have ever tasted. Davin especially liked the taste of the eyeballs, but more importantly he liked the reaction of everyone when he ate them.
 We spent two nights in cabins with a common gathering area.  We had championship games of ping pong, horse shoes, basketball, ladder ball, and bean bag toss.  The official games were called the "Swag Olympics".  It took all day to get through the brackets, but made for a fun day of crazy fun. At night we had a retirement party for Grandpa and Grandma and sang by the campfire, thanks to our guitar performers, Mitch, Mac, and Jake.
Let the games begin!

Mammoth Cave- Our Family
It was a fun way to end the reunion exploring the caves which were several year old lava tubes.
Our family stayed an extra day and hiked Bryce Canyon.  It was stunning and a breathtaking hike.
What a fun reunion spent with those that we love and cherish the relationships we have!


Jolyn Buhrley said...

I had so much fun catching up on all your posts!! I've missed seeing them...glad you're back. :)
(maybe you have a little more time on your hands now? haha)

YOur pictures turned out fantastic and really show the FUN you have as a family. We love our Arizona Whitings sooo much!!!!!

p.s. you are soooo BRAVE!!! The adventure vacation looked amazing...and scarry! You are such a fun boys mom. (and girls too.:))

Jill Heaps said...

I love all your posts!! You did a great job! I need all your pictures :) Love you!!

wendy said...

Wow!! I can't believe how big the whiting family is but Wow, they you all are in your blue shirts!! Love it! Looks like so much fun and everyone had a a great time. I've always wanted to go to Bryce Canyon-You are so lucky!! Looks like you had way too much fun!!! I love that you guys have the reunions!! Love you!

Amber said...

Thanks for posting these!!! And thanks for all you did to make the reunion fantastic! I loved talking to you today.

Jeremy Whiting said...

Great pics! Thanks for the heads up! I miss you guys.

marilyn said...

Thanks so much for all you did to make this reunion the best ever, what a miracle we had every one there! I love the pictures thanks for sharing, I love my family and the great time we had together, we will cherish these memories forever! Love you