Thursday, November 4, 2010

Jake our Eagle Scout

Jake received the highest scouting rank~Eagle Scout last week.  It was a very inspiring and motivating Court of Honor.  Jake did a great job talking about his project and put together a slide show.  He highlighted his mentor and thanked everyone for all the leadership training and support they have given him through his scouting journey. His scout master gave him a picture of him at 11 years old, it warmed my heart as a mother to see a comparison of that freckle face happy boy with a crooked teeth smile grown into a handsome young man.  Jake we honor you and are all so proud of you and your accomplishment as our newest Eagle Scout in our family.

Family support.  It was awesome to have 6 members of our family in the Eagles' nest~Wade, Mitch, Grafton, Justin, Jake, and Grandpa Paul.  We love our newest Eagle Scout!!!

Jake's Eagle Project was for an organization called Save the Family.  It is an organization that provides shelter for homeless families for a few years until they can get back on their feet.  He organized a paint and clean, which means he cleaned and painted a home so a family could have a nice place to live.  Jake had such amazing support system, so many people came to help that they couldn't all fit in the house. Jake showed amazing organization skills along with tremendous leadership.  It was wonderful as parents to witness Jake's growth and leadership as he modeled the qualities of one worthy of the highest status of Eagle Scout.

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marilyn said...

I'm so sad we couldn't be there, We are so proud of our Jake, he is a true Eagle Scout. I love the pictures, and Mitch and his date were so cute, you can tell they had a wonderful time, your kids are growing up toooooo fast, you and Wade are going to be way to young to be empyty nesters. But you two will never be old, I can't even imagine that. Love you