Saturday, July 23, 2011

Fourth of July "Traditions" Endure

Our tradition of Old Navy matching flag shirts continued even though we were in four different states.  It is hard for me to get used to the fact, that we may not always get to be together for the holidays, but we can still continue on with our family traditions which keep us connected.
  We spent the fourth of July at Nana and Paul's cabin.  Relaxing vacation was the goal for this little get-a-way!  Wade and I love to read in the hammock.  Jake brought his friend Brandon and they fished and played games.  And don't forget the "Tradional" fourth of July cake we made and enjoyed eating.
We had the most spectacular display of fireworks ever to be seen and we have seen them all over the U.S., but this topped it all.  It was a beautiful setting over the lake.  Our view on the grass hill next to the lake felt like they were just for us.  It was a perfect night with a coolness left over from the mist of moisture we received.  It was almost the perfect 4th, but I have to admit we all really missed having the whole family together.


{ mr and mrs jp } said...

cutest blog. it made me feel i missed out all over again :) xo

Monica said...

I can't even begin to tell you how much you were missed. It wasn't the same without you two. Just think you are starting your own traditions! What a special time!

marilyn said...

Your family traditions will carry on with your family forever, you always make them so fun, you make all holidays special, its fun seeing what your kids do, I know they will carry on just like their Mom! Love you

Amber said...

I LOVE how you keep traditions!! You're so inspiring!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!