Saturday, July 9, 2011

Happy Father's day to the best father ever!

It was a quite father's day with only two of the kids here but Wade felt very loved, and spoiled. He felt loved from all his kids, Mitch and Joslyn started the day with calling him.
We made him his favorite dinner and Laurisa and Grafton bought him barbecue gear to go with his new Infrared state of the art barbecue.
He has been a barbecue maniac ever since. He loves his rotisserie, but my favorite is his grilled veggies. Anyone up for a barbecue come over anytime and will grill you up something.

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marilyn said...

That looks good, I can't believe how much Wade likes to cook, He is a man of many talents,I agree he is a wonderful Father!!!!! I'm glad you are going to keep him, cause you belong together! love you