Saturday, July 23, 2011

Sewing Marathon

This years quilt retreat was an adrenaline rush in more ways than one.  We went on the zip-line at Kelly's cabin in the white mountains.  It is a thrill and gets your heart pumping.  The other adrenaline rush is sewing every minute without any interruptions.  I think this is as close to Heaven as it gets.  I absolutely "Adore" all these women and our friendships that grow with time.  "Friends that quilt together stay together".  I never realized how addicting and exciting quilting is.  Spending three days at Kelly's cabin is "Never" enough. Her cabin is nestled in the pines and is such an amazing resort setting. 

Our strong addictive desire to finish our projects didn't leave us much time to do anything else but quilt.  We never took a break to watch a movie in her movie theatre but we did take breaks to eat amazing meals.  Thank you Sassy Sewers for another exciting, fun, and addictive quilt retreat.  I love you Chay, Lynneann, Robin, Kelly, Dianne, and our amazing quilt instructor Elaine.  Can't wait until next year, I'm sew sew addicted to quilt retreat!!!


marilyn said...

I'm so glad you enjoy life and friends so much, it really is a gift you have. But you have tooo much talent for one person!

Amber said...

Your quilts are amazing. Adding great friends into the mix makes it all the better!