Sunday, July 10, 2011

How how I love these Utah visitors

I can honestly say it made our summer having The Heaps girls come to Arizona.  It felt like a vacation for me also because we just swam everyday and played.  We made treats, I bought an ice cream maker and snow cone maker so we had to try them out (anything to stay cool). 
Roxy and Paco loved swimming with Jac and Emily.  They would throw the ball into the pool and Roxy would retrieve it.  Emily had a dog fashion show, we went to the beach and swam at Valvista Lakes clubhouse.  We made crafts, and Emily used Wade's face for her craft back drop.
The night before they left we put together a care package for Mitch and the girls helped make BYU cookies!  Thanks for making our summer Heaps, we loved every minute of the time we spent together.

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marilyn said...

Every one has a party when they go to the whitings!! And its always a party to have the Heaps, so glad you had time together!!!