Sunday, October 11, 2009

Visit to see my dear friend Katie

Katie and I go all the way back to college days! We always called these pictures the Katie Squeeze!
Katie is such an amazing friend to have. It is amazing how our lives have paralleled . We have always enjoyed sharing ideas with each other, which she has inspired me in so many ways over the years. We have taught each other many different skills, including: crafts, sewing projects (made all our maternity clothes together), hand painting pictures, toll painting, water color, etc. We have met up with each other to ski with our husbands when she lived in Colorado. It has been so fun over the years to have a friend like Katie to exchange ideas with. We even got each other into selling DJ inkers to retailers when we lived in different states. She is such a great mentor and friend.
She came to visit me this summer, so she said it was my turn to visit her! I'll give you a glimpse of what an amazing friend she is~ she drove 3 hours to pick me up from St. Louis (the closest airport to her small little town)
A highlight was getting to spend the afternoon with these ladies! They are my bestest friends when I lived in St. Louis.
These women are also incredibly talented, fun and always interested in what is going on in your life. I miss them so much! It was so wonderful having lunch and catching up. In some way it had seem like I never left. We just caught up where we left off! I wish I could have more time to spend with them, but it would never be enough!Random pictures out the window that made us laugh! It was so fun to be apart of her life for 3 days! We went to her Zoomba exercise class, her personal trainer, she taught me photography and we got a little sidetrack and I taught her jewelry making and she taught me knitting. There wasn't enough time to do all we wanted to do. Katie(the professional photographer) teaching me all the in's and out's of photography (aperture and shutter speed) !She is always so animated with her hands when she talks, and her enthusiasm always shines through!
Katie teaching me how to shed a few pounds in a photo. It's all in the view! Before~front view! After~side view! Wow look at the difference! We've got all the modeling secrets!
She look me to her studio and not only taught me about lighting, but taught me how to be a model! These are all the pictures in between all the one's of me laughing. So not a model, but had such a blast trying it out! Then she taught me how to photoshop them! Boy does that ever make a difference!
I came away feeling so enlightened and having so much fun sharing our lives and lots of fun memories! Thank you Katie for the wonderful friend you are!


Christina said...

Every girls dream! :) You look fantastic! I love your pics! I have to say that you look just the same (just different hair) from your pics from the good 'old' days! You seriously still look SO amazing! You are so gorgeous! :) Wade is one lucky guy! Not only do you have an amazing spirit, but he still has a wife that will turn heads! :)

Katie said...

That was a fun, fun, fun few days. I loved being with you so much. What a blessing you are in my life. I love you!

Widdison Warbler said...

Awesome! There's nothing like great friends!

Boise Buhrley's said...

Good Friends are such a treasure. This was a wonderful post, I loved seeing all the past and present pictures! I met Katie last summer right? I remember thinking, I knew why you were such great friends. She was so kind and easy to be with.

I would love tips on photo shop, I have always wanted to do that! The photo shoot turned out beautiful! So much FUN!

Heaps Family said...

Friends like that are worth KEEPING! The pictures were so fun to look at. Your modeling pictures are AMAZING. YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!!!! Love you---I am going to try and stand sideways from now on!

Amber said...

Those pictures of you are the best! You look so young and absolutely beautiful. I would love the photo shop tips and photography lessons...let's get together! I love how you keep up with your good friends. What a treat!

Janelle said...

Monica, you look gorgeous! That is wonderful that you two have stayed so close!

marilyn said...

you have always had such good friends and always stay so close and in touch you are a great friend and that is why you have so many great friends, I'm glad you had so much fun, great pictures I don't know how you can get better than you are now, you have had lots of practice!!!! love you