Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Family Reunion 2010

Our Family Reunion this year was at the Haycock Hide-A-Way over Labor day weekend.  Being all together as a family is what makes life's journey all worth it. We had Nana and Paul, my brother Tom and his wife Holly and my nephew Waylan and our whole family, which made for the best of company. I am aware that I say every stage of motherhood is my favorite, but this stage has to beat them all!  To have my children's spouses join our family is so wonderful and an incredible bonus and addition.  We have so much fun all being together!  We spent 4 days in the mountains, hiking, splashing in waterfalls, cliff jumping, rope swinging, visiting llama farms, going to the pine days festival, playing outdoor as well as indoor games, riding the quad, attending church together, family sharing of ancestral history,  and lots of eating along with lots of laughs!

Our Family
Tom, Holly & Waylan Young, Joslyn and Justin Pattee, Monica, Wade, Jacob. Jacque & Paul Haycock, Mitch and Laurisa and Grafton Milne

Family togetherness at it's best, relaxing and enjoying each other's company.
We love to play games together as you can tell.  Laurisa and Grafton brought up their bean bag toss, it was a hit.  We couldn't stop playing it, and even played couples competition.
Fossill Creek made for a day of fun and and adventure.  We had a picnic lunch and played in the water.  We had some dare devils in the group that jumped off the tall cliff. Mitch realized it was a lot higher once he climbed to the top and didn't think he could do it until his sister jumped with him.  His whole family and everyone watching cheered him on.  Jake did back flips off the rope swing which entertained us, but we put a stop to him wanting to cliff jump backwards. 
The water was so refreshing and so beautiful.

The breathtaking scenery.  Such a beautiful place.
We were around the table playing games when we had the greatest suprise ever! Joslyn and Justin, after a drive up the canyon, walked in the door holding her hand out for us to all see a very large sparkly object on her finger.  We all screamed in unison.  The conversation the rest of the night was all about the surprise proposal.  Justin surprised us all and was so calm that entire day.  Way to be keep it a secret!  Mitch toasted the couple in true Mitch style.
Joslyn gave the boys all haircuts, including her fiance. As always it is always hard to leave this hide-a-way.  Thanks Nana and Paul for hosting a wonderful family reunion that we will remember with fond memories. And I think Joslyn will have it engraved on her heart forever.


Boise Buhrley's said...

Love that your posting again! (i'm one to talk..ha,ha!) You could feel the family fun and love through your great pictures!! I love your huge collages!! Thinking of you, we miss you all. XOXOXO

marilyn said...

This looks so fun, I can't wait till we have our next reunion, we will have to get busy, we miss all of you so much, I loved the pictures, great job sharing this with us, even though it makes us very homesick! Love you

Amber said...

Thanks for the reminder to return to the blogging world again when things slow down. These are fabulous memories to have a record of!! I'll have to find out how to do these big collages. It looks awesome!
Love you!! I was so happy for a chance to chat!!!!!!!!!!