Sunday, September 26, 2010

Trading places

Do these brothers look like twins?...well apparently their teachers on the first day of school thought so. They decided it would be fun to trade places for a day and go to each other's classes.  Their friends in their classes knew what was going on but the teacher's had no clue.  One teacher had Mitch prior, so when he sat in Jake's class on the first day of school and answered to Jake the teacher said, "you and your brother could be twins, you look so much alike, so how is Mitch doing?"   He had all the answers since he was Mitch.  The kids relished in the whole prank and it was the big talk around town.  Even Laurisa heard about it in her ward when her young women came up to her and said, Guess what your brother's did today?"

There was a close call when one of them got called to the career center to fix a scheduling mishap but they text each other so they both could leave class and then when Mitch went back to his class where Jake had been he sat in the wrong seat but corrected it when he saw Jake's back pack on the floor at a desk in front of him. When Jake went back to his class as himself the same hour the teacher didn't even notice.

When Mitch had to answer questions about things that would be discussed in the year he answered them all right since he had taken the classes previously.  The other students loved the points he earned for their group.  It was a day they will always remember but the teacher's obviously didn't....thank goodness for Mitch and Jake's sake.


Jill Heaps said...

Hmmm... did they learn this from their Dad? NEVER! That is hilarious!! CRAZY :)

Amber said...

LOL!!!!!!!!!!! =D LOVE this!